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2011 Musings

Wow! What a year! And I have you to thank! I began this blog this past February and had no idea where this journey would lead. This blog started as a means for me to capture recipes I tried and wanted to save.  I wanted a venue in which I could hand down my family’s […]

Cookbook *Give Away*

Because… This is the new home of my new blog I want you to follow me by subscribing to this blog I’m crazy over cookbooks and found some cute ones this week You are my friend and I want more friends You took the time to subscribe to my old blog (thank you! thank you! thank […]

Pandora’s Box

Oi! What started out as what I thought would be a simple task ended up eating (pardon the pun) up my morning. I have a recipe box that I have carried with me from the day I left my parent’s house. There are recipes I clipped from the days of being a newlywed (to my […]

The Kitchen Dance

That’s how it always is with me. I do things. I make things…especially in the kitchen. I cook. I always have. I take what I do for granted. I thought everyone cooked like I did. I have many recipes, many cooking experiences – which started at a convent when I was sixteen….and lasted the rest […]