Pandora’s Box

Oi! What started out as what I thought would be a simple task ended up eating (pardon the pun) up my morning. I have a recipe box that I have carried with me from the day I left my parent’s house. There are recipes I clipped from the days of being a newlywed (to my first husband), from cooking classes that I had taken and most fondly, from the many friends, co-workers and neighbors from my journey.

There are recipes from Biddy, Mimi (who I didn’t think could cook!), Linda, Sam, Sue and countless others. Some forgotten, some I have lost touch with and some are long gone…but their recipes live on.

There’s Crazy Cake, Carrot Cake, Hummingbird Cake, Neiman Marcus Cake, Cheese Cake, Mud Cake and Sam gave me his version of a Corny Casserole. (wish I could remember who Sam is!)

Some recipes have no titles…

and some are almost unreadable like my dear Aunt Kay’s Poppyseed cake recipe…

This is how it was before the days of food blogs and cooking sites where you can find a recipes with the click of your finger. My box was full of old newspaper clippings – one from one of my favorite ladies, Ann Landers.

I have her Lemon Pie recipe and her meatloaf, although I like my meatloaf better now.

Going through my box was like going down memory lane visiting with old friends and remembering good times with all the best intentions of keeping in touch.

I did have a few surprises tucked in my recipe box which also reminded me of laughter shared…

Time to get on with the rest of my day…you’ll be seeing some of these recipes soon!

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