Gone Bananas

Frickin’ fruit flies!

They are driving me nuts!

It happens this time every year. I wake up one morning and they are EVERYWHERE!

Sure, we like our fruit here and we’re willing to share to a point.

Why did they plan the fruit fly convention here this year?

I spent the whole evening setting up traps for the little buggers.

Jars of cider vinegar everywhere with Dawn soap covered with plastic wrap.

So far, they’re sitting on the plastic wrap laughing at me.

All fruit went in the refrigerator except for the bananas.

I was going to throw them out until I decided to pull out my banana bread recipe from days gone by.

I’m not going to claim this recipe as the best on the net….but it’s darn good.

What makes this recipe special to me is that it came from the convent where I used to work when I was sixteen.

A long time ago.

The convent is where I fell in love with cooking and baking.

We would make 14 pies and 10 loaves of banana bread at a time.

That’s a lot of bananas!

I loved working there. I loved the nuns.

I loved the beautiful chapel where my best friend and I would sneak into after the nuns went to bed…

My friend Therese would play the pipe organ and we would sing our hearts out.

The convent served me well.

It gave me my work ethic and appreciation for feeding people…

and the celebration that food brings to the table.

I ended up working there for six years and was able to pay for college.

My experience ended up being a sweet slice of my life. One packed with memories and lessons.

Here’s the recipe….I already divided it down for one loaf from ten.


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