A Peach of a Summer Soup

Today I give you an easy recipe that celebrates the flavors of the season!


Oh my – the peaches this year are ripe, juicy and full of flavor.

I can’t keep enough in the house…they just disappear.

Here’s a fabulous cold peach ‘soup’ recipe to start out your week.

I demonstrated cold soups this weekend at Graf Growers’ Garden Center

and this was by far, the favorite among the women…

the men were favoring my Gazpacho but not afraid to try the peach soup.

It’s so easy and would be a great compliment to your brunch menu!

Give it a whirl with a splash of raspberry puree on top…

Don’t wait too long…peaches only stay ripe for so long.

Have a “peach” of a week!

Printable recipe here.

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