Do you ever feel like the Universe is pushing you in a direction?

Like the same thing keeps showing up and nudging you until you plunge in and try something you never thought you would try before?

That’s how it is with me and smoothies…

especially GREEN ones!

It started last Fall when we were having dinner with dear friends of ours who changed their health habits around by going vegetarian. They were raving about spinach smoothies and spoke how they incorporated them in their life on a everyday basis. It was almost a ritual for them.

We admired them but said “No frickin’ way!”

Over the holidays, my daughter from California was in town. While on our shopping trip, we stopped at one of the healthy smoothie places in the mall and I had the blueberry/pomegrante and she had carrot juice.

I said, “No frickin’ way!”

She encouraged me to try it….

Small sip later…not bad…needs something else though.

The restaurant was handing out samples of their green smoothie and I said, “Why not?”

Hmmm…it was sweet and full of flavor but I didn’t want to know why it was green.

Last week, an e-mail shows up in my e-mail box from one of my favorite bloggers, Browneyed Baker who came up with a spinach smoothie.  She claimed that you couldn’t taste the spinach.

Now I’m intrigued.

Out came the blender and in went the spinach.

Hubby was sitting in his jammies watching me like a sly cat…

“What’s the matter Popeye? Afraid of a little spinach?”

I added protein powder and a little splenda to the mix.

A little Margarita glass helped…

down the hatch it went…

and it was GOOD!

You can find the recipe here.

Continuing on my smoothie trek…

I found a recipe on Williams Sonoma Facebook page for Orange Carrot Pineapple Juice.

I didn’t have a juicer so a blender would have to do. I ended add some water to encourage the blender to turn the ingredients to juice.

It was a bit pulpy but delicious all the same.

My daughter tells me that carrot juice really made a difference in her skin…

Worth a try!

If you know of any smoothie recipes you like, let me know! I’m on a roll!

Check out these specials from Williams Sonoma – love that store!


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7 comments on “Smoothies

  1. Nina 1100 Reviews on said:

    I love the smmothies you have spoken about. I have almost started a hobbie making different smoothies.

  2. Well you got me hooked maybe! I went out today and bought kale and spinach and everything else I need to make this. I’ve been resisting green for a long time but love smoothies. I’ll let you know how it goes. And thanks for turning me on to Browned Eyed Baker!

  3. Janna at Joy of Smoothies on said:

    Smoothies are a great thing to incorporate into your diet to make healthy eating delicious! When my coworkers see me with my green smoothie they always seem a bit curious and also scared. Everyone thinks that it must be green because of some strange ingredients like “wheatgrass,” when really it’s simple things we (should) eat everyday like spinach, romaine lettuce, etc. And you can’t even taste it in the smoothie!

    • A Kitchen Muse on said:

      Janna – as a new “greenie” to the smoothie world…I can appreciate what you are saying. I can’t wait to try more and it looks like you have some tasty recipes on your site! Thanks for stopping by.

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