A Pickle Tickle

There’s no way I can write about pickles without giggling. I tried to write a serious title but couldn’t resist having fun with it.

Seriously, pickles have taken over my life … and my pantry.

It all started with a pickle from Fremont, Indiana made by Mr. Rickle – thus Rickles Pickles. Their website is quite amusing – apparently their focus is more on their pickles.

The pickle invasion happened at Christmas when my Hubby came home with a few jars of pickles from a business trip to Indiana. The pickle phenomenon had begun as we were passing them out for hostess gifts, Christmas presents, birthday presents or just to say ‘hey’.

And…every time he would go out to Indiana, he would bring home a few more jars. Jars turned into cases and the rest is history.

What makes these pickles so special? Quite simply, they are the best damn pickle I ever had. (which was going to be the original title of this post!)

These little spears of happiness are nestled in a sweetened vinegar brine floating with chunks of garlic and jalapeno peppers. They are a cross of between a sweet and dill pickle with a crunch heard across the room! 

Everyone loves them and now I’m getting requests for MORE PICKLES!



Hubby has been contacting local markets and restaurants to carry the pickle that Rickle made.



Pickles have taken over our lives here…and if you would like a jar, invite me to dinner or even lunch…



and I’ll bring the Pickle Tickle.
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7 comments on “A Pickle Tickle

  1. my mouth watered while readng this. i have never recieved a jar of pickles ;-(

  2. lindalyell on said:

    oh janet…a night of raclette guarantees you a post and a jar of pickles…hmmm???

  3. Hey! I haven’t tried the pickles yet!

  4. lindalyell on said:

    @Pat…you better get to it! I have people wanting another jar already!

  5. Eric Corcimiglia on said:

    Awesome pictures! Awesome article! Thank you!!!

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