Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

In the midst of all this pumpkin-feasting…I was asked to prepare toasted pumpkin seeds for my cooking demonstration.

Hmmm….toasted pumpkin seeds.

I never really liked them so how am I to prepare them if I don’t like ‘em?

I know how to remove the pumpkin ‘guts’ from the pumpkin….

and clean them up…

The challenge was finding a recipe that you can believe in.

And how can you believe in something if you don’t like it even it’s the BEST recipe you can find?

You make it….and find trusted taste testers to help you out.

I found the recipe at one of my favorite blogs..

Simply Recipes.

I trusted that it was good as I’ve tried her recipes in the past.

Right before toasting, I added a little BUTT RUB

one of my favorite barbeque seasonings that I get at a local store.

a little Butt Rub makes everything better…right?

So seeds I toasted….

and seeds I made…

Everyone loved them but me.

I don’t like pumpkin seeds.


If you do.

You will like this recipe.

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