Sharing the Sweetness with Apple Cake

I’m sending you just a bit of sweetness before I go.

Easy, delicious sweetness…

I’m frantically getting ready for my cooking class tonight and immediately afterward, I pack to catch a very early plane tomorrow to catch my own bit of sweetness…

A trip to see my daughters!

My oldest is in Colorado and she warns me that there may be snow to greet me.

I don’t care…

I want to hug her and giggle with her…

and see where she calls ‘home’ now.

From there, we head to San Francisco to see my other daughter who has a wonderful 3 days planned out for us.

More hugs!

Good eating in both places!

Before I go, here’s one of my favorite recipes that came from their grade school cookbook.

Yes, it’s torn and tattered by now…

but the recipes and memories are richer than ever.

It’s easy. I promise.

Gotta run…I can’t wait to get my hugs!

Until then, here’s a bit of sweetness for you.

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