Low and Slow Short Ribs

Typically this is the meal that I make when the snow is blowing and the fireplace is glowing.

Today it made more sense to cook inside than to fight the heat of the day grilling outside.

And when I run into these little beauties at Whole Foods who could resist?

All this being said, I am sharing with you one of my most precious recipes.

Short Ribs with Mushrooms

This recipes is a low and slow recipe like my pot roast where you cook the meat for several hours on low heat.

What you get is fork-tender meat full of flavor.

Cut the excess fat from the ribs and dredge them in 1/4 cup flour seasoned with Lawry’s seasoned salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Brown the meat in hot oil in either a skillet or a dutch over. Remove meat and set aside. Pour out the excess oil and saute chopped onion and garlic in oil until soft.

Add 1 cup beef broth, 1 cup of wine, carrots (if desired) and bring broth mixture to a boil. Pour over short ribs in a dutch oven and place in a 325 degree oven for at least 3 hours. I do like to go beyond the 3  hours as I like the meat falling off the bone and oh so tender.

A half hour before the short ribs are ready, clean 1 lb. of mushrooms.

Today I went for the baby bellas….aren’t they cute?

Thinly slice the shrooms and saute in a tbsp. of olive oil until tender. I give them a little sprinkle of garlic salt and cracked black pepper while sauteing…

Chop some fresh parsley and toss with the sauteed mushrooms…

Spoon mushrooms over the short ribs and serve.

Forget that it’s 90 degrees outside…

Close your eyes and pretend that it’s snowing…

and indulge!

They don’t call it comfort food for nothing!

Printable recipe here!

P.S. I’m excited to share with you that I will have a new gig with a local farm market, Graf Growers where I will be doing cooking demonstrations and classes beginning this Saturday. This Saturday from 11 – 2, I will be demonstrating three types of summer salsas using fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re in the area, stop by and say “hi”!

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