Watermelon Gazpacho

I like weird things.

Sometimes it works when it comes to food and recipes.

It didn’t always work when it came to boyfriends!


It’s the artist in me….seeking the unusual and playing with the different.

I had a lunch today with two of my favorite young mothers. I love having them and their wee ones over. I love cooking for them and catching up on our lives.


Today they were my guinea pigs as I tried a new recipe for watermelon gazpacho soup.


I was intrigued by the ingredients. I had to do it. They had my permission to push it away from them.

They didn’t.

They loved it!

I love it!

And you will love it too!

Ingredients are simple and the recipe is easy to make.


Green onions,

Yellow peppers.




Lime juice.

Fresh mint.

Hot sauce.

Olive oil.

Chop and put in a food processor.



And serve.

Full recipe here (adapted from Cooking Light)

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