Spicy Turkey Pasta

I did it!

I attended my first Weight Watcher’s meeting today!

Well, it’s not actually my first – just my first this year.

I went through the Weight Watchers program two years ago and lost 35 lbs!

This time it’s just maintenance which we all need from time to time.

I love Weight Watchers and never feel like I’m giving up anything.

The program just reigns me in and makes me more conscientious of what happens in the space from the table to the mouth.

I don’t have to sacrifice  my cooking curiosity nor my taste buds as you’re about to find out.

For dinner tonight, I was craving pasta.

And pasta we will have…

The line up. Easy ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry…

Fresh peppers, pasta (whole wheat reigns at my house), garlic, onion, crushed tomatoes, turkey sausage, fresh basil and wine (a staple in our house!)

What I like about Weight Watcher’s recipes is that they use fresh veggies to ‘bulk’ out the recipes so not only are you getting your daily requirement of veggies – you get added flavor and color in your dishes.

And I got to use fresh basil from my exploding basil plant. Everyone wins!

So get ready, my friends….

I’ll be sharing my Weight Watcher’s recipe exploration with you in the next few weeks…

After all…I do have a class reunion coming up in August….

Time’s a-wasting!

Printable Turkey Pepper Pasta recipe here.

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