Just for the Halibut

I’m not a big fish eater. In fact, I’m a very picky fish eater…let alone cooking it.

I don’t like the skin. I don’t like bones. I don’t like the smell of fish….

So what’s one to do? Halibut. Just for the halibut. (okay, okay, I’ll stop with the corny jokes starting now)

I do like white fish…meaty, white fish…meaty, white fish with no skin or bones or visible signs of being a fish.  Today I was at the local organic market and decided it was time to do some fish. After all, it’s all good for you, right?

I went to the counter and saw the halibut and asked when did it come in? They told me “today” and “it’s really, really good fish”.

Okay but it has SKIN on it. Ick! Fish SKIN. I asked them to take the SKIN off and they accommodated my request.

So here we go….

Remember the wasabi and the panko bread crumbs from last week’s Asian Baked Pork Chops? Still had some lingering in the pantry so let’s re-spin it!

Simple, simple ingredients.

Panko bread crumbs, mayonnaise (I’m really digging the new Mayo with Olive Oil!) and WASABI!

Mix up your wasabi and mayo…it’s really up to you how hot you like it. Squirt and taste. Taste and squirt. You’ll figure it out.

And mix it up! Once you have the mayo base done according to your taste, line it up…

Spread a little mayo mix on each side of the halibut…and dip into the panko bread crumbs…

Gently pack the crumbs into the mayo and halibut. Heat up 1 tbsp. of grape seed oil in a skillet…and place the delicate pieces of halibut into the skillet.

Fry the halibut on both sides until crispy…be careful when flipping so you don’t lose the breading. Once browned, place in a oil sprayed baking pan and bake in a 400 degree oven for 10-12 minutes depending on the thickness of the halibut.

Totally yum!

I served it with a quinoa snap pea salad…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that recipe.

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