Because I love to cook.

Because at the age of sixteen, I worked in a convent in the kitchen under the guidance of a retired chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu. I never became a nun but I did work there for 6 years, put myself through college and could make 15 pies at a time.

Because my Mother is Slovak and my Dad is Polish. Mom would always have a big meal on the table for Dad by 2:00 before he went to work. She would make her own noodles and her peirogis were featured in the local paper.

Because I have friends who are incredible cooks.

Because my kitchen is my creative outlet.

Because my Hubby appreciates every little morsel.

Because I want to share these recipes with  my girls…and friends…and you…

Because food is a gift of love…

I bring you this blog.

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave comments and share the love!

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6 comments on “Because

  1. Andrik Sim on said:

    I love your reasons of “Because” and that food are a gift of love. I always say, food are like tangible love that you can pass around and it makes everyone and anyone happy. The layout of your blog is really nice to the eyes and tonight i’m trying out your recipe for Pasta Puttanesca and Apple Cake. I hope they turn out well! Good luck with your beautiful life!

  2. denise on said:

    i came across your blog after my annual “venue finding”. i am a singer and the witans french market came up on a festival finder that i subsribe to. your link for jewelry was there, so impressive and beautiful!your food blog is just as impressive and i love all the little stories and pictures of your family, and food….much success to you, it’s beautifully done. i will be stopping back often!

    • A Kitchen Muse on said:

      Wow Denise! I’m glad you found me! As I was having a dreary afternoon in my studio making jewelry for the upcoming Witan Market, I was looking out the window and wishing for sunshine…and then your comment came through! Thanks for the sunshine! I’ll be at Witan again this year…please stop by and say Hi!

  3. Looking up a recipe for stuffed cabbage and came across your blog. I fell in love with it right away when I was reading that your dad is Polish! My parents were Polish and mom made stuffed cabbage all the time too, but unlike you when you were growing up; I loved them.

    And my dad was in a Polka band and I loved the Polka!! (singing Roll out the barrel in my head now) :-)

    Just got done reading your Because list and saw that your mom made peirogis and I’m hoping that you have a recipe for them! What fillings did your mom put in them? My mom put mashed potatoes in some and others might have been beef, not sure. My favorite were the mashed potatoes sauteed in butter and onions.

    Not sure where you were raised but in Ohio, tradition was the first of the year you had to eat sauerkraut and I must say my mom made the best sauerkraut, she made dumplings with it and put kielbasa and pork in it!

    I subscribed to your blog, can’t wait to see more from you!

    • A Kitchen Muse on said:

      Thanks for writing Jean! We grew up in Richfield Ohio although my Father’s family lived off of Fleet Avenue in Cleveland – a Polish cluster in Cleveland. My Mom’s pierogis are next on my recipe to-do list and you’ve just inspired me to get off my butt and start writing again. She would fill them with potatoes and cheese, a cottage cheese filling flavored with nutmeg, prunes (my favorite) and sauerkraut. Stay tuned – I’ll be putting the recipe up soon. Our local paper featured my Mother’s pierogis years ago. I remember her being so nervous before they came out!

      Last night, we had pan-fried pork chops with Halusky and Sweet and Sour Cabbage! Yum!

      Thanks again for writing!

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