Delectable Desserts

This post is not about a recipe (although you will get one)…

This post is not about food (although I will tease you)…

This post is about friendship…

and re-inventing yourself…

and finding your passion…

and the power of friendship and networking.

It’s about having a cup of coffee 0r a glass of wine with a dear friend and asking “what’s next”?

In the last few years, my life had taken a turn in the path and I needed to find my new passion.

That is the conversation that my dear friend, Dotti and I had not too long ago.

We had both left our corporate positions which we held near and dear to our psyche, our self esteem and our reason for living….

only to search for something else…

something that excites us…

the next thing that we would hold near and dear to our hearts…

My passion poured into this blog and bringing you new recipes…

and inspiration to try something new.

Selfishly, I needed to tackle a new creative endeavor like food photography….

and everyday I’m learning.

It excites me…and challenges me.

Dotti, on the other hand, along with her friend Mary had a relationship in their previous career lives decided to collaborate on a journey…

making cookies…

and OH! the cookies they make…

Mary and Dotti tapped into their ethnic history and brought alive the passion of baking…

and now made a business of it!


Today I celebrate my girlfriends…

Today I celebrate new beginnings…

and the “next chapter”…

and the honesty of friendship…

and the networking….

and the “attagirls” as we figure it out along the way.

We are all connected…

and that’s what makes life so dang sweet!

Dotti has graciously offered to share her “Peaches cookie” recipe with you. Don’t feel like baking? You can get yummy, lovingly made cookies for a party, wedding or special occasion – contact Delectable Desserts at


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10 comments on “Delectable Desserts

  1. Wow!! Everything looks so amazing and delicious, what a gorgeous dessert spread! :)

  2. Tina@flourtrader on said:

    Blogging has opened up a whole new wonderful world for me that I never knew existed. I am really enjoying myself and it sounds like you are as well. I really like how this post was written and the cookies look stunning. Great post-keep following your passion!

    • lindalyell on said:

      Tina –
      You are so right! Who would have guessed what blogging has done to our world. I used to work for our local newspaper who featured food stories and recipes once a week. The blog-o-sphere has changed all that!

  3. Dotti Franks on said:

    You define what a true friend is! What a treasure you are to all those lucky enough to call you friend. Thanks for sharing your God given talents!

  4. lindalyell on said:

    Aww Dotti –
    You make me blush. What God has given me are my beautiful friends!

  5. Tres Delicious on said:

    I can feel the crispness of the biscotti. What a simple yet nice way to enjoy dessert.

  6. Laurie Yingling on said:

    Thank you for showcasing Dotti’s beautiful bakery. She shared your website with me and I have prepared some of your meals.

    Your photography is beautiful as well as your message about friendship and life and the paths we choose and the paths we don’t choose but end up on.

    I love Dotti and I am so proud of her lastest accomplishment.


  7. Linda on said:

    You write the most beautiful words, I would consider myself very fortunate to have you as a friend. Your recipes are great too.

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