The Wedge

I don’t know about you but after the cookout festivities of Memorial Day, we needed a light supper. Geez! On Monday, I made 30 lbs. of ribs! I didn’t eat all 30 lbs. but I did enjoy them!


Raiding the refrigerator tonight, I found a container of blue cheese leftover from making Buffalo Chicken Paninis last night, bacon left over from Root Beer Baked Beans made over the weekend, cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuce.


Oh, I feel a Wedge coming on!


Here in Northeast Ohio, the Wedge is a popular offering in many of the finer restaurants in town. What makes them so good is the dressing which is known as a White French Dressing, a sweet/vinegary compliment to the variety of flavors that the Wedge has. I don’t have the exact recipe to offer you – (like the restaurants are going to just give it to me) –  but I came up with a close replica.

You start with fresh buttermilk and sour cream (I use the low fat versions), white wine vinegar, honey, crumbled blue cheese, salt and pepper.

Throw them in the blender and mix ‘er up. You can adjust the flavors to your liking – more or less vinegar and/or honey – I like it on the sweeter side as it compliments the saltiness of the bacon.

What you get is a rich, creamy dressing.

Next – prepare your toppings: hard boiled eggs, scallions, crunchy bits of bacon, cherry tomatoes and blue cheese!

Take a quarter head of iceberg lettuce, top with the dressing and surround it with the lovely toppings.

You will love this!

Seriously. Love. This.

Printable recipe here.

Congratulations to Lou who was the winner of this week’s Cookbook Giveaway! Lou won a copy of the “Wine Lover’s Cookbook”. Yay!




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2 comments on “The Wedge

  1. Lisa@alittleteteatete on said:

    Oh my goodness – this looks positively mouth-watering!

    I’m not a blue cheese fan (I know, I’m weird), but I am going to try this with ranch! Mmm!

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