Argggh ugula

One of my motives in cooking is to constantly introduce the ‘green stuff’ into the menu without much kicking and fighting. Keep in mind that I don’t have youngsters to deal with in introducing tastes…we’re talking about a 50+ 60 year old man/boy who never got over the ‘green stuff’ in his youth.

That’s my challenge and I think I’m making progress.

Let’s start with arugula … a wonderful green with a gentle texture and peppery addition to a meal.

My complaint here is not the arugula nor the addition of it – but that there is SO much of it! I bought one of those handy dandy pre-washed containers which make adding greens to a menu so convenient. What they didn’t think of is all the guilt you go through when you can’t use it all.

Let’s face it – nothing lasts forever – especially when you’re young, tender and peppery.

We started with a simple pasta dish on Sunday night which consisted of gulf shrimp, pasta, cherry tomatoes and of course, arugula and Parmesan cheese which topped off the creative dish.

So now we have cherry tomatoes and …. arugula.

Next night’s dish is turkey burgers which I added chopped kalamata olives and feta cheese to the turkey burgers…

only to be topped with…

cherry tomatoes and ARUGULA!

As of today, I have cherry tomatoes,  kalamata olives,  feta cheese and….guess what?

(You got it!) More Arugula!

Cooking Light saved me with a greek chicken recipe that the Hubby renewed his vows of marriage to me over.

Seriously, I should have asked for another diamond, but he did the dishes and I’m good with that.

The tomatoes are gone.

The cheese is gone.

The olives have been polished off.

But the Arugula…

let’s put it this way, he’s taking me out tomorrow night for dinner :)

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2 comments on “Argggh ugula

  1. You can always top off a boboli pizza with….guess what?….yup….arugula!

  2. lindalyell on said:

    I always thought you topped a pizza off with red wine….what am I missing?

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