The Kitchen Dance

That’s how it always is with me.

I do things. I make things…especially in the kitchen.

I cook. I always have.

I take what I do for granted. I thought everyone cooked like I did.

I have many recipes, many cooking experiences – which started at a convent when I was sixteen….and lasted the rest of my life.

The cooking … not the convent.

I would have never thought of launching this blog…if it weren’t for a dear friend and former colleague of mine who asked me to teach her what I know in the kitchen and to share my recipes.

This blog will be the journey…

the fun with friends…

the aMUSEments that happen in my favorite room in the house..

and so it begins.

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2 comments on “The Kitchen Dance

  1. I was introduced to your website by my mom today. She is constantly sending me new cooking blogs since i began my blog earlier this year. I have not posted much of anything until I came across your blog! YOUR PHOTOS ARE AMAZING AND A-MUSE-ING. The recipes are great, such an insipration to a novice blogger. I had to post pictures on my blog (even thought quality is not the best. We wanted to know what type of camera are you using? The pictures are so crisp and bright.
    Thanks so much looking forward to more of your great photos

    • A Kitchen Muse on said:

      Thanks for your kind and flattering compliments. I basically started from scratch with a passion in my heart. It was a work in progress along the way. I started with a point and shoot camera and realized I needed something more. My Hubby bought me a digital SLR Nikon D5000 for Christmas…but then I had to learn how to use the dang thing! Then I need better lenses…we learn as we go. Light was a big component – natural light is a must. I can’t explain it all to you here but tell you to be patient with yourself and when you look back, you’ll have a great sense of pride. I would suggest buying the book Plate to Pixels

      It’s a great covers everything book…I still use it!

      Open the door and walk through it! Please come back!

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